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"There is no future in nostalgia and certainly no nostalgia in the future of the past."

- Arthur Yap, The Space of City Trees
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"People are full of dirty words. The only time they do not use them, most people I mean, is when they are describing something dirty."

- Giovanni in ‘Giovanni’s Room' by James Balwin
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"At school they held me under a bucket of dirty water, Mrs Swithin; when I looked up, the world was dirty."

- Virginia Woolf, Between the Acts
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"The magic of first love is our ignorance that it can ever end."

- Benjamin Disraeli, "Henrietta Temple"
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For years, I’ve lived a double life.

In the day, I do my job. I ride the bus, roll up my sleeves with the hoi polloi.
But at night, I live a life of exhilaration, of missed heartbeats and adrenalin.

And, if the truth be known, a life of dubious virtue.

I won’t deny it. I’ve been engaged in violence, even indulged in it.
I’ve maimed and killed adversaries and not merely in self-defence.
I’ve exhibited disregard for life, limb and property, and savoured every moment.

You may not think it, to look at me,
but I have commanded armies and conquered worlds.
And though in achieving these things I’ve set morality aside, I have no regrets.

For though I’ve led a double life, at least I can say:

I’ve lived.


- Quote on gaming, 'Double Life' Advert directed by Frank Budgen for Sony PlayStation (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe)
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"I sometimes worry about my short attention span, but not for very long."

- Herb Caen
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I will destroy you all now.

“It won’t harm the statue,” the Warden murmured.
Attia glared. “You can’t be sure…”

High in the roof, a great rumble silenced her. The clouds were storm-black. Tiny hard pellets of snow were falling from them. In seconds the temperature was below zero and dropping fast, and Rix’s breath steamed as he breathed out.

“It won’t have to damage it. It’ll just freeze us here to its feet.”

And each of the tiny flakes whispered as it fell, in millionfold anger.



- Catherine Fisher, Sapphique 
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"Walls have ears.
Doors have eyes.
Trees have voices.
Beasts tell lies.
Beware the rain.
Beware the snow.
Beware the man
You think you know.

- Songs of Sapphique in “Incarceron” by Catherine Fisher
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All my years to this moment
All my roads to this wall.
All my words to this silence
All my pride to this fall.

I have walked a stair of sword,
I have worn a coat of scars.
I have vowed with hollow words,
I have lied my way to the stars.

I fooled the Prison
I fooled my father.
I asked a question
It could not answer.


- Songs of Sapphique in “Incarceron" by Catherine Fisher
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